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MBBS Study in India

MBBS in India

If you are looking for MBBS in India then the medical colleges in the country are associated with state hospitals, which offer students a large scope to deal with patients. There are several ways in which you can get admission in a medical college. The best way is to qualify the All India Pre Medical Examination which is conducted by All India Institute of Medical Sciences AIIMS MBBS . On completion of the medical program, the students need to work in a hospital which is attached with the medical college.

About India
MBBS in  India - offers an amalgamation of cultures, religions and races which coexist in perfect harmony. The country is brimming with creativity and life. This country is set apart from the rest of Asia by the lofty Himalayas. Apart from English language that is used in trade and politics, there are more than 14 official languages in the country. The country ranks 2nd in terms of population. Six major ethnic groups occupy this colorful nation.

Indus valley civilization, which originated in India, was the first major civilization in South Asia. The inhabitants of the civilization were known as Dravidians. It is believed that the descendants of Dravidians settled in the Southern province of the country. When Gupta dynasty ruled North India it was known as the Golden Age in Indian history. After the Mughal rule and British East India Company’s rule, India became an independent nation in 1947.

India can be divided into three main regions. The Northern part of the country is adorned by lofty and rugged Himalayas. The Indo Gangetic plain is known for its fertile and lush lands. A major portion of the country’s agriculture takes place in these plains. The central and southern portions of the country are occupied with plateaus. The three large rivers, which have created fertile deltas, are Ganges, Indus and Brahmaputra.

Why India
Indian institutes studding MBBS, medical studies have been playing a leading role and are recognized across the globe. They have been making a significant contribution in development and research. For medical programs, English is used as a medium of instruction. Indian medical courses are at par with the best in the world and are affordable. The greatest advantage of studying medicine in India is the large clinical exposure which is offered to aspirants.


All India Institute of Medical Institutes is a premier institute which offers an MBBS degree. In this college training and research is conducted in 42 disciplines. AIIMS leads in the field of research and offers large scope to Indian students who can enroll in any of the twenty-five clinical departments. Armed Forces Medical College Pune offers an MCI recognized MBBS degree. It is a center of advanced learning and excellence which provides training in MBBS courses. There are other reputed Medical colleges in India which are recognised by the Medical Council of India. Students can avail admission in them also.

Fee Structure
An MBBS degree in India costs very low as compared to foreign counterparts. Studying in AIIMS can be the cheapest. By shelling out hardly anything, you can earn a degree if you are an outstation candidate. If you are a local candidate, you need to spend less. Most of the expenses are paid by the government which makes the course affordable.

MBBS Admission process
Medical entrance exams serve as entry gates to MBBS course in India. The admissions are either based on the results in Senior Secondary examination or the scores in medical entrance examination. The students need to score a minimum of 50% in 12th boards. The students require submitting No Objection certificate from Department of Health, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

Most medical institutes offer hostel accommodation to the outstation candidates. The rooms contain a cot, table and a chair. For recreational activities, the hostels provide the facilities of swimming pool, football field and gymnasium. The hostels are provided with internet facilities. All hostels include a mess which functions throughout the semester.

A well-coordinated transport system helps the students to commute to their colleges. Local students can avail buses and metros to travel to their colleges. You can travel within the city on auto-rickshaws and taxis. Cities like Kolkata and Delhi offer you the choice of travelling in metros. Mumbai offers you the facility of a well networked railway system. For inter-city travel, you can depend on buses, trains and luxury coaches.

Indian cuisine is popular for the diverse tastes and flavors which it offers. The cuisine offers exotic flavors, which are a perfect blend of available spices and herbs. Vegetarianism is a growing trend in the Indian society. Culinary traditions in India vary according to places, regions and local culture. Seafood plays a vital role in the Southern province of India. Fusion cuisines can be savored to taste Indian and foreign influences together.

Climate in India is hot, tropical and differs from region to region. During summer months, Northern India remains dry and dusty. The country receives monsoons in mid-July and September. The northern plains in the country experience extreme climate

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BHU Admission Notification

BHU Admission Notification 2016-17

BHU today has nearly twenty thousand students including 2500 research scholars and 650 foreign students from 34 nations, under one roof who are pursuing different academic programmes at this campus as well as the newly established Rajiv Gandhi South Campus.

These are some of the brightest young minds in the country and abroad, who have joined this University after clearing a rigorous All India Entrance Test. BHU stands on first row top ranks among in the country in the field of academic and research field.

The BHU has 2 campuses, 3 institutes, 16 faculties, 140 departments, 4 advanced centers and 4 interdisciplinary schools. The University is making its mark at the national and international levels in a number of frontier areas of Science, Social Science, Technology, Medicine and Agriculture Research.

You'll Get all details about BHU Results and BHU Admission Notification for academic year 2016-2017
Venues of UET/PET-2016 at different Centers New   
Notice For Admission to M. Pharma. (Ay.) (Special course of study), RGSC, Barkachha,
Cancellation of University Entrance Test Outstation Centres
Admission notification for M.Tech./M.Pharma. programme  Download Information Bulletin|| Application Form   | Notice| Declaration New   
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ADMISSION NOTICE FOR DM / MCh - 3 years Course August 2016   May 2016
Admission notification for One year POST DOCTORAL CERTIFICATE COURSES (linked with Senior Residency) in the following super speciality of Anaesthesiology.DownloadInformation Bulletin and Application Form New   April 2014
Admission notification for Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Special Courses
Phone No. for Admission enquiry:
Phone: 0542-2368418, 2307255-58, 6702650, 2368418, 2307257, 6702688, 6702696, 6702716
Corrigendum in respect of PET-
Download information bulletins:Under Graduate  [HINDI]      [ENGLISH]  [Examinations  Dates]
Post Graduate     [HINDI]      [ENGLISH]    [Examinations Dates]
Special Courses  [HINDI]      [ENGLISH]     [Examinations Dates ] New   

Admission notification for Ayurveda Vachaspati[MD(Ay)]/Ayurveda Dhanwantari[MS(Ay)] course-2016. Download Booklet Application Form Application Form April 2014
Admission notification for CRET Exempted candidates in Ph.D. Prograrnme for the Term January'16 /March'16 SemesterNotification Booklet[DOC]|| [PDF]
Notice for Deans [DOC] ||[PDF] Application Form [DOC] ||[PDF] New   
Feb 2016
Admission notice for B.Sc Nursing & B. Pharm(Ay.) Entrance Test -2014   BOOKLET   ||   Application Form New   
ADMISSION NOTICE FOR MD/MS & MDS COURSES-2016 ||Application Form for MD/MS & MDS ||Appendix I & II New   
 For admission to Certificate Courses at Rajiv Gandhi South Campus (RGSC) commencing in January 2016  [DOC]  [PDF]   Application Form  [DOC] [PDF]  New   

BHU Post Graduate Entrance Test

We realize that the rapid pace of development in the country has raised the awareness as well as expectations of the people. Institutions of higher learning are instrumental in providing equality of opportunities, which is the essence of participatory democracy. This will not only remove a sense of alienation and neglect in the backward regions but also prevent out migration from these areas.

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BHU PET 2016

BHU PET 2016 - The Banaras Hindu University shall conduct Postgraduate Entrance Tests, hereinafter called ‘PET’, during 3rd-4th week of May and 1st week of June, 2015 for admission to various Postgraduate Courses for the Session 2015-2015. Admissions will be made according to merit in the PET, subject to fulfilling of eligibility requirements mentioned below and availability of seats in the particular Course for which the candidate has applied for and appeared in the Entrance Test. These Courses have been divided into “General Courses”, “Professional Courses” and “Special Courses”.

Follow the given link for More Information

PET Courses for Examination 2015:
  • M.A. in Social Work
  • M.F.A.-Applied Arts
  • M.F.A.-Painting
  • M.F.A.-Plastic Arts
  • M.F.A.-Pottery & Ceramics
  • M.F.A.-Textile Design
  • M.Sc. In Molecular and Human Genetics
  • M.A. in Public Administration
  • M.Sc. In Plant Biotechnology
  • M.A. in Manuscriptology & Paleography
  • M.Sc. In Environmental science
  • M.Mus. In Instrumental(Flute)
  • M.Mus. In Instrumental(Sitar)
  • M.Mus. In Instrumental(Tabla)
  • M.Mus. In Instrumental(Violin)
  • M.Mus. In Vocal
  • M.Sc.(Tech) in Environmental Science and Technology
  • Master of Financial Management (Risk & Insurance)(MFMRI) / Master of Finance Management(MFM) / Master of Foreign Trade(MFT)
  • MPA in Dance(Bharat Natyam)
  • MPA in Dance(Kathak)
  • M.Musicology
  • M.P.Ed.
  • Masters of Corporate Communication Management
  • A] M. Sc. (Ag.) (Master of Science in Agriculture) in 10 disciplines [refer section B(ii) on page 4 of PET Inf. Bul.] M.Sc. (Ag.) Agroforestry M.Sc. (Ag.) Soil and Water Consv.
  • LL.M.
  • M.A.-Prayojanmulak Hindi(Patrakarita)
  • M.Ed.
  • M.Ed.(Special)
  • M.Sc. In Statistics and Computing
  • Master of Agri-Business Management
  • MCA
  • M.A. in Mass Communication
  • M.Sc. In Applied Microbiology
  • M.A. in Tourism Administration
  • M.Sc. In Bioinformatics
  • M.A. in Conflict Management and Development
  • M.Lib. & Inf. Sc.
  • MBA in Agribussiness
  • M.A.-Arabic
  • M.A.-Bengali
  • M.A.-Chinese
  • M.A.-Economics
  • M.A.-English
  • M.A.-French
  • M.A.-German
  • M.A.-Hindi
  • M.A.-History
  • M.A.-Indian Philosophy and Religion
  • M.A.-Marathi
  • M.A.-Nepali
  • M.A.-Pali
  • M.A.-Persian
  • M.A.-Political Science
  • M.A.-Sanskrit
  • M.A.-Sociology
  • M.A.-Telegu
  • M.A.-Urdu
  • M.Sc.(Tech.) Geology M.Sc. In Petroleum Geosciences
  • M.Sc.-Botany
  • M.Sc.-Chemistry
  • M.Sc.-Computer Science
  • M.Sc.-Physics
  • M.Sc.-Zoology
  • M.A.-A.I.H.C. & Arch.
  • M.A.-History of Art
  • M.A.-Linguistics
  • M.A.-Philosophy
  • M.Sc. In Biochemistry
  • M.Sc. In Health Statistics
  • M.Sc.(Tech.) Geophysics
  • ACHARYA-Baudha Darshan
  • ACHARYA-Dharmagama
  • ACHARYA-Dharmashastra
  • ACHARYA-Jain Darshan
  • ACHARYA-Jyotish Falit
  • ACHARYA-Jyotish Ganit
  • ACHARYA-Krishna Yajurveda
  • ACHARYA-Mimansa
  • ACHARYA-Nyaya Vaisheshika
  • ACHARYA-Puranetihas
  • ACHARYA-Rigveda
  • ACHARYA-Sahitya
  • ACHARYA-Sankhyayoga
  • ACHARYA-Shukla Yajurveda
  • ACHARYA-Vedanta
  • ACHARYA-Vyakarana
  • M.A./M.Sc.-Geography
  • M.A./M.Sc.-Home Science
  • M.A./M.Sc.-Mathematics
  • M.A./M.Sc.-Psychology
  • M.A./M.Sc.-Statistics
  • M.A.-Museology
  • M.Com.
  • LL.M. Course in Human Rights & Duties Education
  • M.Sc. In Food Science and Technology
  • M.Tech. in Agricultural Engineering(Soil and Water Conservation Engineering)
  • Master of Personnel Management and Industrial relations
Application Form:
The University has created its Entrance Test Portal with the domain name Its link is also available on the BHU website ( The entire process of making an application for admission in various courses during the academic session 2015-15 has been made ONLINE. Accordingly, candidates may note that PET 2015 Information Bulletin and Application Form will not be sold (as there will be no offline mode) and the candidates desirous of admissions shall be required to register on the Entrance Test portal of BHU and fill up the application form ONLINE as per procedure provided on the Portal.
Important Dates:
  • Availability of PET-2015 ONLINE Form on the Entrance Test Portal : March 1st Week, 2015
  • Last date for online submission of application forms : April 1st Week, 2015
  • Last date for submission of printout of online submitted application forms : Till 2nd Week, 2015
Will Update soon

Monday20.05.2013M.A. in Social Work, M.Sc. in Molecular & Human Genetics, M.F.A.


Tuesday21.05.2013M.A. in Public Administration, M.Sc. in Plant Biotechnology

Wednesday22.05.2013M.Sc. in Environmental Science, M.A. in Manuscriptology & Paleography,

Thursday23.05.2013M.Sc. Tech. in Environmental Science & Technology, M.Mus. – Vocal,

Instrumental & MPA Dance (Theory*), Combined Test [Master of Financial

Management / Master of Foreign Trade / Master of Financial Management

(Risk And Insurance)]

Friday24.05.2013M.P.Ed.  (Theory*),  M.  Musicology  (Theory*),  Masters  in  Corporate

Communication Management.

Saturday25.05.2013Combined Test [M.Sc. (Ag.)/M.Sc. (Ag.) Soil & Water Conservation/M.Sc.

(Ag.)  Agroforestry],  M.  Ed.,  LL.M.  and  M.A.  Prayojanmoolak  Hindi


Wednesday29.05.2013M.C.A., M. Ed. (Spl.) V.I., Master of Agri-Business Management, M.Sc. in

Statistics and Computing

Thursday30.05.2013M.A. in Mass Communication, M.Sc. in Applied Microbiology

Friday31.05.2013M. Sc. in Bioinformatics, Master of Tourism Administration

Saturday01.06.2013M.A. in Conflict Management and Development

Monday03.06.2013M.Lib.I.Sc., MBA in Agri-Business

Tuesday04. 06.2013M. A. in: - Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Persian, Pali, Sanskrit, Telugu,

Urdu, Nepali, English, French, I.P.R., Chinese, German

M. A. in: - Economics, History, Political Science, Sociology

M.Sc. in: - Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Computer Science, M. Sc.

(Tech.) in Geology/M. Sc. Petroleum Geo Sciences

Wednesday05.06.2013M. A. in: - A.I.H.C. & Arch., History of Art, Philosophy, Linguistics

M.Sc. (Tech.) in: - Geophysics, M.Sc. in: - Biochemistry, Health Statistics

Thursday06. 06.2013M.A./M.Sc.:  -  Geography,  Mathematics,  Statistics,  Home  Science,


M.Com., Acharya, M.A. (Museology)

Friday07. 06.2013LLM  (HRDE),  M.Tech.  in  Agricultural  Engineering  (Soil  and  Water

Conservation Engineering), M.Sc. in Food Science & Technology, Master of

Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
BHU PET 2015 Admission Procedure:
The admission of a candidate in a course will be done only when he/she satisfies all the eligibility requirements, appears in the PET, qualifies in the Entrance Test and completes all formalities required for admission in the course. The admissions shall be made strictly on the basis of merit index in the PET, availability of seats in the course, as per rules given in this Information Bulletin and rules framed by the University from time to time. 
Test Exam Centre:
  • Jhansi
  • Mirzapur
  • Gorakhpur
  • Lucknow
  • Kolkata
  • Delhi
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai
Steps: Application Form Submission
The Application Form for PET 2015 is available on the BHU’s entrance test portal ( The application form is to be filled up online. Detailed instruction for filling up the application form, online payment of application fee and taking its printout for submission to the Controller of Examinations, BHU (in addition to online submission) is also provided on the BHU’s entrance test portal. Candidates have to scan their photo and signature as per instruction given in the portal and upload it.
After the candidate has filled up the application form online and clicks on the ‘CONFIRM’ button, he/she will be provided with following options for payment of application processing/test fee:
a)    Online payment through credit card/ debit card through the payment gateway available on the Entrance test portal
b)    Payment of Entrance Test Fee in Cash through “Challan” in any branch of HDFC Bank After filling up the application form and its submission, the Challan can be printed from the portal. The printout of challan will contain all necessary details of the candidate and the bank account details of the Banaras Hindu University in which the entrance test fee will be deposited. The candidate will be required to visit any branch of the HDFC Bank of his/her choice where he/she will be required to deposit the requisite Fee amount to the Bank and the bank will retain one fold of the Challan and remaining two folds of the Challan mentioning the necessary Test Fee payment details will be given to the candidate. The candidate is required to retain one part of the challan for his record and the other will be required to be submitted alongwith the printout of the online filled up application form in the manner prescribed in Section 12. In this mode, it will take 24 hours to update the Entrance Test Portal regarding confirmation of successful payment of Test Fee made by the candidate. Therefore, a candidate who has exercised this option for payment of Application Processing Fee/ Test Fee shall be able to take a printout of the ONLINE filled up application form only after 24 hours from the time he/she has paid Fee in any branch of HDFC.
The PET Application Form shall be treated to have been successfully submitted only after the candidate has paid the Application Processing Fee/ Entrance Test Fee through either of the two modes given above. Once the successful payment is confirmed, [instantly-in case option a) is exercised and after 24 hours-in case option b) is exercised], a copy of the filledup application form will be e-mailed to the candidate’s registered e-mail id for download and print.
After online submission of application form and successful payment of Application Processing/ Test Fee, the candidate will be required to take a printout of the online filled up application form (containing the details he has filled in and the transaction details of payment of application fee) from either the Entrance Test portal or his e-mail account. After taking the printout of the online submitted application form, following steps need to be taken:
i)      Paste passport size photograph (same passport size photograph which has been used for online submission) in the space provided on the printout of the online filled up application form.
ii)     Affix signature in the space provided using a blue/black ball pen.
Admit Card:
1. The Admit Card will be e-mailed to the candidate at the email addresses provided by the candidate in the application form around 7-10 May 2015. SMS alert regarding issue of Admit Card on the mobile phone registered by the candidate will also be sent. Therefore the candidates are advised to give correct e-mail addresses/ mobile phone numbers for correspondence while filling up the online application form. Alternatively,
Candidates can download the ADMIT CARD from the BHU Entrance Test Portal ( on or after 07th May 2015 by providing the unique code allotted to them at the time of online submission of application form. If a candidate is unable to download the Admit Card till a week before the date of the Test, he/she should contact the Office of the Controller of Examinations, BHU, Varanasi on Phone No. 0542-2368418.
2. Paste passport size photograph (same passport size photograph which has been used for online submission) in the space provided on the printout of the Admit Card and self-attest it.
The University shall try to announce the results of the candidates around 3rd-4th week of June 2015 which would be available on BHU’s Entrance Test Portal ( In addition, marks obtained by the candidate in the test, his/her overall merit and merit within the category to which he belongs shall be emailed at his/her registered email address and sent through SMS at his/ her registered mobile number provided by the candidate in the application form. Therefore the candidates are advised to give correct e-mail addresses/mobile phone numbers for correspondence.
Documents in Original Required at the time of Admission:
(i)      Transfer Certificate.
(ii)     Migration Certificate, if passed from a university other than BHU (To be submitted not later than 90 days of admission).
(iii)    High School Certificate/equivalent Certificate.
(iv)    Intermediate (+2) Certificate/equivalent Certificate.
(v)     Mark sheets of High School/equivalent & Intermediate (+2)/equivalent.
(vi)    Mark sheet of the Qualifying Examination (Refer note clause below 21).
(vii)   PET Admit Card issued from the office of the Controller of Examinations, BHU.
(viii)  SC/ST/OBC Certificate on the basis of which reserved quota seat is claimed.
(ix)    Certificate(s) in support of claim for 'Sports Seats'.
(x)     Certificate of being the son/daughter of a permanent in-service employee/ Retired/ Reemployed/ Deceased employee of BHU in the prescribed format issued by the Central Registry.